‘Powerful narrative skills. Mona has booked a place in history.’

- The Times of India

‘A very sincere effort... one feels transported to another world.’

-The Tribune

‘She teaches you to take pride in your pain… a story of human strength.’

- The Hindu

‘Mona’s writing has a depth and sensitivity which speaks of her personality and echoes her thoughts and beliefs. Her portrayal of women characters is heart-warming and extremely detailed.’

-The Pioneer

‘Excellent portrayal of the travails of the partition of the country. God is a River is an alchemy of a consummate artist.’

- Margaret Alva

‘Very impressive work of fiction. One can’t even imagine how this story will end… leaves you surprised. Mona Verma continues to delight her readers with stories written from the heart.’

- Ruskin Bond

‘No detail is too small for Mona Verma’s eye as she takes the reader gently by the hand turning disbelief into the believable. Read on. There is more to satiate the senses in this eminently readable book.’

- Ganesh Saili

‘Mona Verma is sui generis in her genre, giving emotions a voice with empathy.’

- Bindu Dalmia

‘Stories that refuse to compromise – defiant, delightful, provocative – they reach out and in, and leave readers deeply moved.’

- Tom Alter