Mona Verma

Author - Editor - Haiku & Limericks Poet
Thought Leader - Corporate Trainer

Mona Verma is an award winning author of 12 works of fiction, A Bridge to Nowhere, God is a River, The White Shadow, The Clown of Whitefields & other stories, The Other , Lost & Found in Banaras,  Readomania Book of Indian Mythology, The Readomania Book of Folk Tales, You v/s Yours, Better Parenting, Book of Historical Fiction and Laughter Lines.

She had edited various science journals, self -help books, biographies and is a regular feature writer for online newspapers.

Her books have been subject of thesis, for many Research Scholars and excerpts from her book have been used in ICSE ELT series.

She is on board of various Universities as an advisory expert and is much sought as visiting faculty for Creative writing, Haiku and Limericks.

She has been featured in ‘Incredible Women of India’ talk shows.


More about me

Work Profile

She has conducted various workshops targeted at developing Creative writing skills, Haiku &  Limericks, Art of Story telling in education institutions across the country. She is much sought as Guest faculty to various leading MNCs, PSUs, Corporate Houses and Universities for Faculty training, Personality Enhancement programs (PEP-Soft skills v/s Hard skills), Placement Selection Improvement (PSI) programs, Interview Etiquette and Group Discussion techniques for aspiring candidates.

About Disha

Presently, she co-owns a Corporate Training Firm, DISHA, wherein she conducts workshops on Organizational Etiquette, Corporate Proprieties, Soft Skills and their enhancement amongst many other facets of Employee and Faculty training in Multi-National companies, Public Sector undertakings, Corporate set–ups and acclaimed Universities across the country.
Disha has made a tangible difference to society at large. Students, Teachers, Parents and Professionals from various fields have benefitted greatly from the extensive workshops conducted wherein interactive exchange that entails exercises, fun activities and insightful coverage of behavioral and practical topics leads to a clear and easy understanding of complex topics.

Awards & Accolades

  • Woman of Substance Award By All India Women’s Conference, 2009
  • Hindustan Times Woman of The Year Award, 2011 (Readers’ Choice)
  • Outstanding Alumnus of Delhi Public School Society, 2011
  • Best Speaker at Nine Minutes of Fame, 2012
  • Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Puruskaar, Award From National Union Of Journalists India, 2012
  • Uttarakhand Ratna, 2014
  • Award of Excellence-Hardwar Ratna, 2017
  • Pride of Haridwar, 2018
  • Nari Shakti Samman, 2019
  • Winner of Short Story Contest by She Scapes and Delhi Poetry Festival, 2020
  • Uttarakhand Excellence Awards, 2021
  • Award of Appreciation - FLO FICCI, UK, 2021
  • Wonder Woman, 2021

Published Works

<b>A Bridge to Nowhere</b> <br> Available on Amazon

A Bridge to Nowhere
Available on Amazon :

<b>God is a River</b> <br> Available on  Amazon & Kindle

God is a River
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>The White Shadow</b> <br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

The White Shadow
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>The Clown of Whitefields & Other Stories </b><br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

The Clown of Whitefields & Other Stories
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>The Other</b> <br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

The Other
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>Lost & Found in Banaras</b> <br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

Lost & Found in Banaras
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>The Readomania Book of Indian Mythology</b> <br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

The Readomania Book of Indian Mythology
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>You v/s Yours</b> <br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

You v/s Yours
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>The Readomania Book of Folk Tales</b> <br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

The Readomania Book of Folk Tales
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>Better Parenting</b> <br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

Better Parenting
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>Book of Historical Fiction</b> <br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

Book of Historical Fiction
Available on Amazon & Kindle :

<b>Laughter Lines</b> <br> Available on Amazon & Kindle

Laughter Lines
Available on Amazon & Kindle :